Letters Online

Every issue of Corporal Contacts Magazine contains letters sent in by our readers. On this page we will publish some of the letters which we cannot include in the magazine for reasons of space. We are always keen to hear from you about your own CP experiences - so why not take the time to send us a letter?

Everything sent to us will be considered for publication unless you specifically state otherwise. Please let us know what name you would like us to use if you do not want to use your real name.

A big thank you to Corporal Contacts.

I replied to an advert on-line and, at 37, have just had my first ever over the knee spanking and slippering by a strict but fair older man in his Headmaster's study. It was an amazing experience and surpassed all my expectations.

Because I did it via your web-site I felt lot safer and more confident than I would have done otherwise. I don't think I would have bucked up the courage without you and can thank you the pleasure of sitting here with a very sore, red bottom! I'll definitely be back for more.

Chris W.

Dear Corporal Contacts,

I'm now early 50s and have taken the magazine for nearly twenty years. My wife knows about my strong interest in male/male CP and more or less accepts that it's something I need to receive from other men. I was caned at school and though it was always quite painful I was aware that it was an exciting, if bit scary, experience.

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