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Subscription Costs

All issues are sent through the post in plain envelopes.
Single Issue: £7.00
Three issues: £20.00
Six Issues: £36.00

Personal Advert Costs

You must be a paid-up subscriber to the issue(s) in which your advert appears.
20 words: £2.00
Each extra word: £0.10
To include your telephone number and/or email address: £3.00

Trade Advert Rates

Current rates for Trade Adverts are as follows:
Single Issue: £10.00
Single Issue (boxed for emphasis): £12.00
Six Issues: £40.00
Six Issues (boxed for emphasis): £48.00

Replying to Personal Ads

Details will appear here.

Conditions of Advertising

The editors always reserve the right to amend advertisements (personal & trade) and in such circumstances will not be held liable to refund monies. No advert can be accepted from anyone under 18 and all advertisers must sign accordingly. Trade ads must be printed on plain paper and be accompanied by the correct fee, details of which are to be found on the Trade Pages or the website. Personal ads are acceptable on plain paper also but it remains essential for all advertisers to state that they are 18 or more and to sign accordingly.

Any advertisement deemed not in keeping with Corporal Contacts' policy will be rejected.

It is an offence to send sexually explicit material through the post and the editors will not be held liable in the case of this happening.

By advertising, a subscriber is undertaking to answer every single letter which he may receive in connection with that advertisement. We reserve the right to refuse an advertisement from anyone who has failed persistently to reply to letters received.

Because we are a subscription magazine all advertisers must be paid-up subscribers: that is, must have paid for the issue(s) of CC in which their advert will appear.