Personal Ads Replies

You can easily reply to personal adverts which you see printed in the quarterly magazine by sending the advertiser a message through this website. It's easy! All you need to do is purchase Personal Advert Reply 'stamps' - each reply you send requires one stamp.

Just think. No more messing about with envelopes, postage stamps, cheques and postal orders - send a reply with the click of the mouse!

There is no time-limit on using stamps so you can keep them in your account until you want to use them.

Note: Replies sent in this way are printed out by a member of staff and forwarded to the advertiser.

Current Adverts

Right-click on these links and choose 'Save As...' to download these documents.

Why use Corporal Contacts?

There are lots of 'free' sites on the internet that you can use to meet like-minded people, but have you noticed how those sites are full of 'time-wasters' and spammers?

We make a small charge to advertise and reply. This no more than covers our costs and we don't profit from it. We have found that advertisers and repliers, willing to pay this small fee, are entirely genuine. Many of our subscribers have gone on to form long-lasting friendships and relationships. Why not try it?

Our website currently has a special offer - take out a subscription through the website and place a Personal Advert for free!