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Corporal Contacts is the country's leading magazine for gentlemen with an interest in consensual adult corporal punishment. Established in 1982 our magazine has been around for 32 years!

Corporal Contacts Magazine is packed with stories, letters from subscribers, personal adverts, trade adverts and photographs. Our magazine is published 4 times a year and sent to you through the post in a plain envelope.

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What we are

Corporal Contacts Magazine was formed in 1982 to provide a service to like-minded individuals. Since then we have published a quarterly magazine with stories, articles and letters related to mutual male-to-male discipline and corporal punishment. This website carries on this tradition and enables newer members to access our large catalogue of back issues. From time to time we may make special offers through this website but we will always ensure that our core purpose - the quarterly magazine - continues in it traditional form.

What we are not

We are not an instant contact site and you cannot communicate directly with other members. Personal adverts are printed in our quarterly magazine and replies to these adverts are submitted by post. These replies are then forwarded to the advertiser. This website offers alternative methods of contacting advertisers but it must be stressed that contact is primarily by post. There are plenty of sites around on the internet that offer this facility and we are not competing with them. Please see this page to find out why we think our method is better.

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